Violin making represents a wonderful synthesis of woodcraft and music. The violin, like all well made and played acoustic instruments, is a magic box that can make time stand still or transport the listener to another age or place. Creating an instrument that will not only be aesthetically beautiful to the eyes but also to the ears is the constant goal and challenge. Bringing new life to that piece of wood with its "just right" grain and figure, and making each instrument unique both in tone and appearance are the luthier's delights.

I am a maker of handcrafted violins in the Cremona tradition. Each instrument is made completely by myself (with exception of pegs, tailpiece and chin rest) and as such is unique. I use spruce from Italy or Switzerland and Maple from eastern Europe. Instruments are available directly through me and commissions are welcomed. Please see the contact page for more information. Individual instruments are also offered through Jade J Schulz Violins.

Below are samples of recent models based upon A. Stradivari and G. Guarneri 'del Gesu.' Left click on the image to see a larger copy.

Below: Violin completed in 2004 based upon A. Stradivari's 1714, 'Soil.'  THIS INSTRUMENT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Below: Violin completed in 2005 based upon A. Stradivari's 1714, 'Soil.'  THIS INSTRUMENT IS AVAILABLE

vln9_top.jpg vln9_back.jpg

Below: Violin completed in 2004 based upon G. Guarneri 'del Gesu's' 1742, 'Alard.'   THIS INSTRUMENT IS AVAILABLE


Below: Commissioned 3/4 violin based upon G. Guarneri 'del Gesu's' 1735, 'Plowden'


Below: Violin based upon A. Stradivari's 1704, 'Betts'   THIS INSTRUMENT IS AVAILABLE
Betts-4%20top.jpg Betts-4%20Back.jpg